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Restoration of Former AMP Society Building.

The Tees Street veranda was dismantled and reconstructed using historic photos and an on-site paint survey as guides for detail and colour selection.  The Itchen Street veranda was reinstated, also using old photographs as a guide to the original form, detail and colour.   New safety glass was installed to allow light down to the shop-front on Itchen Street. The exterior was refurbished with new shop front on Itchen Street, corner door reinstated, and the entire building painted with a new colour scheme to accentuate the beautiful detailing.


“The Architect has taken a well-reasoned approach to research and has paid close attention to historical detail in this skillfully executed project. The result is a work with an excellent contextual fit and which communicates a rich sense of time and place”. NZIA Local Architecture Award

“Great care has been taken to select colours that accent Victorian era materials and details and which fit well within the context of the Whitestone precinct.  This award celebrates the commendable skills and design discipline shown by the Architect”. NZIA Colour Award