Project Description

This project aims to highlight the important role architecture plays in creation of positive place-making, albeit involving a small, utilitarian water tower.
In response to Waitaki District Council’s refusal to connect the property to district reticulated water and their refusal to issue a Building Consent for a house without such a connection, the owners began to plan a group of non-residential buildings to collect rainwater. The Water Tower is the first of these buildings.
The building performs a number of functions: general storage, sleeping loft, recreational deck and solid platform for storage for 3,000 litres of water.
Completed: January 2006
Architect: Ian Butcher
Builders: Fliss and Ian Butcher, with help from assorted friends and family.
Location: Ardgowan Road, North Otago
Completed: 2005
Awards: NZ Institute of Architects
Local Award for Architecture 2006: Environmentally Sustainable Design

This slender, elegant vertical crib in an organic garden rehabilitates an abandoned site, and establishes an independent water supply in a drought-prone locality in defiance of an unsympathetic Territorial Authority. This is a demonstrative display of the modest art of sustainability.