Project Description

Our little studio is the second of several buildings planned for the site at Ardgowan, North Otago, and is a team mate for the Water Tower.

The living and sleeping area measures 40 sq m, plus it has a 20 sq m conservatory for growing tomatoes. It has a reinforced concrete basement workshop and upper storey of super-insulated timber framing. The floor is polished concrete poured over timber substructure.

Much of the timber framing is sourced locally including Larch from Geraldine, Macrocarpa from North Otago, Lawson Cypress and Poplar from Dunedin.  Much of this timber is recovered from shelter belts or recently fallen trees.  Ply lining is blonded Poplar with Lawson battens.  Exterior is band-sawn Larch.

Built by Ian and Fliss Butcher with initial help from builder Dave: 2009 – 2015 :- ongoing…