Project Description

‘Whiwhero’ is the ancestral land of the owners and the site of three buildings: a water tower; a carport/sleep-out; and a house. The water tower provides 1000 litres of water to service wharenui and whareiti structures from which rain water is harvested and stored in two 25,000 ltr concrete tanks. The tank being 7m above floor level provides sufficient gravity pressure for the domestic water supply. The rain water is filtered but not treated in any other way. The owners report they have never run out of water – even in extended drought conditions.
The main house has a super-insulated exposed concrete floor with Matai timber grid, double-glazed windows, hardwood doors, super-insulated in-situ concrete walls, locally quarried rock cladding, pine ply ceilings and soffits, and corrugated corrugated steel roof.
Built by the owners between 2002 and 2012. Home to two adults & two dogs.